As you know, today we have multiple options to reach out to clients. Especially for marketing, we use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mass mailing, call centers, Networking events, etc. to  generate qualified leads. 

Once we start receiving leads from the above platforms, the key challenge we face is consolidating all of them to a single location, to manage them efficiently. These leads may then need to be assigned to the respective sales personnel and have their progress monitored. As part of nurturing the leads, your sales personnel will have multiple meetings, phone calls, email communications, etc., with those prospects. Naturally, the sales personnel will require a system to receive timely notifications to have effective follow-ups with clients. 


The sales professional may also require assistance from the internal team members to provide the right information to the clients, for this they will require a platform to collaborate & receive input from everyone. 


You’ve won the client, now you want to ensure their loyalty, make sure their issues are attended to timely, and the client is satisfied! Further informative and timely communication is needed. 


Having different systems to achieve the above is cumbersome. Imagine, all the above capabilities in a single, integrated ERP System.  Odoo, a 21st century ERP system, comes with all the above capabilities & so much more - the only software you will ever need to manage your business. 

The system is equipped with advanced capabilities as below & more: 

  • Mass Mail: Design your email, send it across to the contacts in your erp, you may also import contacts through csv file. Get real-time statistics on emails' performance: number of leads and orders created, revenue generated, delivery rate, open rate, click rate, bounce rate etc. 

  • Efficient communication: Integrate email gateways, VOIP, get notifications on each opportunity. 

  • 360 degree view: Have full history of communication with a client, customer preferences, share information among sales team, ensure timely business. 

  • Social marketing: Integrate with social platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Website etc. 

  • Events: Create Events, sell tickets, Track attendees, Manage & track talks etc. 

  • Lead ScoringScore your leads based on explicit and implicit criteria (on pages viewed, localization, time). Define different actions based on lead score and team assignation rules. Decide which total score deserves to be converted into an opportunity. 

  • Online AcquisitionGet more than 30 marketing apps to boost leads acquisition from your website: Search Engine Optimization tool, form builders, etc. 

  • Consolidate leads: Get leads automatically created from emails, VoIP calls almost all platforms. 

  • Call center: You can integrate your call center with Odoo to access all the client information, tag call updates, auto-dial etc.