Small and medium organizations are the engines that drive today’s economy. These businesses participate locally and internationally in conducting business and thus experience the same difficulties that larger organizations face. These difficulties include managing their sales pipelines, keeping track of inventory, conducting online sales, managing operations, keeping track of their customers, etc.  

To manage all of these activities, small and medium-sized businesses require an efficient business management system, just like their larger counterparts. A system that embraces collaboration, easy decision making, adapts to changing business environment allowing everyone to contribute regardless of their geographical location, and more importantly a system that is affordable.  

For smaller and medium-size businesses Odoo ERP is exactly the system they should be looking at, it enables them to get started with a single user and a single module making it affordable, and then add more users and/or modules as they grow. The seamlessly integrated modules in Odoo give you a platform to collaborate, helping you to make quick decisions as Odoo ERP provides a completely transparent view across your entire business. 

Odoo ERP system can fit many industries, it’s a system that can be wrapped around any business sector to make it an industry-specific application without being specific to that industry. This is because Odoo ERP has thousands of pre-built add-on modules available to suit your mode of operations.

Thinking of running your own eCommerce platform with integrations to the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Shopify or eBay?  Thinking of having a solution for fleet management system or Property Management or running your construction business?

Odoo ERP with its thousands of ready-made industry specific modules and add-ons makes it easy to get started. 

We here at Integrated Data Technology (IDT) are here to help you unleash the potential of Odoo ERP. Having vast experience in the selection and implementation of Business Management Solutions we are here to make your Odoo selection and implementation experience satisfying.

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