What do SMBs really look for in ERP Solutions

It is not surprising that the focus of Large Enterprises versus SMBs (Small/Medium Businesses) are dramatically different when it comes to ERP software selection.

Large Businesses, because of their focus within the business cycle, tend to mostly concentrate on stability, customer loyalty, profitability and reducing expenses and waste. Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs) however, have their focus on growth, quick successes and customer acquisition. These divert focuses lend itself to the difference in ERP software selection criteria. Large Businesses usually have established IT departments that can help with customizations, integrations and upgrade maintenance.

SMBs on the other hand are looking for ERP software that is easy to use, mostly ready to use out of the box i.e. very minimum tweaks, flexible (cloudERP) and yes, inexpensive.

In the Technology Evaluation Center article “What Do SMBs Want and Need from ERP Software?” the SMBs needs are explained in much details. Read the full article here.

In conclusion, SMBs look for the following in ERP Software.

  • A compelling user experience
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Requires little to no customization
  • Adaptability to support growth
  • Software that is inexpensive

Are you an SMB? Is your business ready for an ERP solution or are you thinking of considering an ERP solution?

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IDT Team

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