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Odoo eCommerce module - simple yet powerful

With the world now more digitally connected and with consumers’ trust of online shopping much more stable, ecommerce is becoming a necessity for every business entity. Today, digital commerce and cashless payments are becoming top business priorities worldwide. Also, not to mention that improved and quick logistics services are driving more and more consumers to choose online shopping. E-Commerce give consumers the freedom to make choices visually along with the benefits of cost and quick delivery.

Odoo realizes the importance of eCommerce and offers all the capabilities you need to quickly develop, deploy and maintain your eCommerce platform. With its drag and drop features you can design and build beautiful e-Commerce stores without having to know much technical know-how. On top of that, you have complete visibility into your accounts, inventory, sales and more as Odoo’s eCommerce module seamlessly integrates fully with all other modules.

Odoo gives you a platform to take your business to the next level, you can integrate your eCommerce site with giants like Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and Walmart helping you to reach a broader consumer segment. Also, Odoo’s integration with various logistics vendors like UPS, FedEx, DHL etc.., helps you manage and deliver your products, saving time, money & effort.

To add more, Odoo ERP gives you and your consumers several payment options, making them feel more secure with a payment gateway known to them.

Odoo’s eCommerce platform results in a memorable experience to both your customers and you while maintaining total accountability in your business operations.

To learn more about Odoo’s eCommerce module and how it may benefit your business, click here or contact us at or call us at (516) 867-6752.

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