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Sage One is ideal for micro-business.

Published on:    By: IDT Team
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Sage One’s anytime, anywhere access is ideal for micro-business owners looking to keep track of their business management demands while still enjoying the perks of doing what they love.

Sage One gives owners the liberty to tend to their hectic daily schedule and keep track of all accounting aspects of their business. It has great features like customizable invoicing, reports and even automatic bank feeds allowing owners to focus on what is most important to them, while having a simple secure accounting application in real time. It can also be linked to online payment solutions and PayPal so you can get paid faster- who doesn't like that?

Sage One gets the job done without putting a dent in your budget with affordable pricing!

Integrated Data Technology is proud to announce that Sage One is now one of our business management solutions. To start a free trial, or get more information about Sage One, click here or email us at

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