Integrated Data Technology



As consultants, we at IDT understand that every project needs a process.
That's why we at IDT use a very simple 4 step approach towards achieving our implementation or development goals.



    Gaining knowledge about the project at hand.



    Put the discovered knowledge into verifiable methodology and develop.



    Validate and test the developed methodology and execute.



    Go live, make adjustments and support the business process.


Needs Analysis

Accounting and business management systems represent a major investment for just about any company; both small and large. Our role as expert consultants is to help clients navigate the nuances in making these critical decisions. Prior to undertaking any project, one question should be asked, clearly answered and understood: Why? While this is an easy question to ask, getting a meaningful answer involves doing a detail study of the current business process. Understanding your business strategies and transaction flows are critical components of our methodology.

Software Selection

If you’ve been dreading the arduous task of ERP evaluations because you feel it will take too much time and energy, then let Integrated Data Technology manage and streamline that process for you. Integrated Data Technology can offer not only a comprehensive service whereby we’ll handle the entire RFP / RFQ development process to the point of your team selecting a vendor or we can simply offer guidance in the areas where you’d like it. In addition, the services can range everywhere in between those two options as well.

Implementation & Configuration

The measure of success in any project is in the effectiveness of the implementation, more than the success of the products that support it. Therefore, it is essential to pay due attention to the implementation process. The implementation of any ERP or Business Management System requires a structural approach that rightly integrates people, process and technology.

Systems Integration

Businesses both large and small share a common challenge: integrating heterogeneous systems across the enterprise. As an organization grows, so does the supporting IT infrastructure, resulting in an increasingly complex array of dissimilar technologies and platforms. Systems integration is an ongoing challenge that IT managers face and having the right tools and strategies to solve this problem are essential.

Application Development

An ever-changing economy. Evolving technology. GROWTH. These are all issues that small and medium-sized businesses face from time to time. When your business goes through these changes, your current system may be insufficient or your process too complex to maximize your productivity. Integrated Data Technology develops and customizes applications to meet business needs relying on best technologies and tools within your production environment. Our processes have been perfected to maximize quality and performance and minimize cost within the scope of your business.

Training and Support

IDT offers customized, high-quality training solutions to help our clients’ business run more efficiently. Our training can be offered on-site or via web conferencing. A client service representative will work with your staff to get a better understanding of your business, then outline the most cost-effective training solution. Our consultants have various product-certifications and skills and have the knowledge to help you learn your systems quickly and efficiently.