Integrated Data Technology

Anvizent - Data Analytics


Visualize every byte of your data in real-time

Imagine if you could get instant answers to all your business critical questions. If you could get the real-time status of plant floor operations across multiple locations and if you could drill into operational details at a particular plant to see information about production rates, yields, asset utilization, quality and more.

Anvizent is a fully integrated end-to-end analytics solution that provides fast, self-service analytics without the hassle of manual programming and data preparation. Anvizent integrates with your ERP/CRM data and other enterprise data into one platform. Leverage 100+ pre-built dashboards to gain a single, unified view of business performance. Track all of your operations in real-time to spot trends and uncover hidden opportunities, issues and root causes. Get proactive alerts and collaborate instantly with colleagues to keep your operations running at their peak.


Gain unprecedented visibility and real-time control of your manufacturing operations. Track all your KPIs on-demand, get alerts to issues and collaborate instantly with colleagues to keep your operations running at their peak. You can Go Live on Day One with 100+ pre-built dashboards.


Flexible Deployment Options

With Anvizent flexible deployment options, you can choose what's best for your business.

Anvizent robust, security, and data governance features help ensure that your data is always safe, secure, and in your control.


Take control of your business like never before! Make well informed decisions with graphic information that is accurate, rich, real-time and in the palm of your hand. Self-service insights from all your data – ERP data, CRM data, MES data or any other data. No programming, no manual data preparation, no waiting for reports and dashboards.


Fast-Track Architecture to Build Your Own data management and analytics solution

Anvizent offers a fast, simple, and scalable way to build your own data model for your specific needs. Reusable industry-specific data models can be quickly tailored in weeks to meet customer specific requirements. Building data integrations with any source systems can be done in weeks by limited ETL experienced developers.


Quickly Extract Source Data from Multiple Enterprise Systems - No hand coded integration required

Get simplified integration to data sources through our innovative and patent pending technology. Connect instantly to major Enterprise Applications to access data and deliver / move it where and when it’s needed.


  • Pre-built integrations with many ERPs and other systems
  • Custom extractions/integrations and mappings using an easy-to-use, visual interface
  • API/Database-based automated integration
  • Automated incremental and full extract capabilities
  • Inbuilt scheduler for automated data loads


Build Industry-Specific KPIs and Dashboards

Transform data into meaningful analysis through pre-built KPIs and dashboards. Leverage industry-specific data models to quickly build custom KPIs and metrics.

  • Create a consistent definition of a KPI across the enterprise and provide access to relevant users across the organization
  • Use KPIs consistently across the organization without having to code multiple times
  • Build an integrated performance metrics across the organization due to the availability of consolidated data across the departments and across various divisions
  • Present the same metrics across various organization hierarchies and various product, customer and other different groupings by different divisions without having to create complex custom data transformation code


Visually Explore Data and Uncover New Insights using a True Self-Service Dashboard

Empower business users with on-demand access to business insights for day-to-day decision making. Enable them to rapidly create dashboards from any combination of data sets to gain answers without a software development cycle that is required in most products.


  • Pre-built dashboards for a specific industry, role, and business function
  • Automatic creation of multi-chart dashboard with filters in just 3 clicks, allowing business users to answer ad-hoc analytical requests
  • A wide array of visualization options including gauges, heat maps, funnel charts, geo charts etc. to illustrate the business activity visually
  • Enhanced features for business manager’s ease of use by masking the technical complexity
  • Inbuilt Report Builder for traditional reporting requirements
  • Multi-level drill down to analyze KPIs at a granular level
  • Automated data refresh
  • Ability to create dashboards with consolidated and independent data from various source systems as basic features in the platform
  • HTML5 output option to allow access across devices


Enable Proactive Alerts Based on Real-Time Data

Configure data-driven alerts using a full-fledged threshold management system. Tailor alerts to the roles, responsibilities, and concerns of individual end users. The platform allows you to create alerts that are common-leading indicators of failures in your environment. This allows you to reduce unexpected disruption to workflow.


  • User-based alerts on data and dashboards
  • Event-based alerts on data management processes
  • Instant notification through text and email
  • Mobile app for alerts


Rapidly Deploy and Scale - On Cloud or On-Premise

Choose a deployment options that best fits your business needs. Anvizent can be implemented on on-premise and cloud . It seamlessly integrates with your IT environment and offers the flexibility to scale as your needs change.

  • Take advantage of the cloud to achieve agility, flexibility, and scalability without high infrastructure and maintenance costs
  • Deploy on-premise to maximize your existing investments to enjoy greater customization and control over your data
  • Client deployments can be categorized and templatized for quick deployments and less manual errors resulting in high ROI


  • Deploy instantly and make analytics extensive throughout the organization
  • Easily scale as data and users grow without compromising on performance

With 100+ Pre-Built Industry Specific Dashboards Built

Get a 360-degree real-time view of your entire operations. Track performance, spot trends, uncover issues, and take timely action to keep your performance on track.



See up-to-the-minute business performance information on your phone, tablet or PC.



Get a holistic view of your entire sales operations - from bookings and pipelines to shipments and individual rep performance.

customer service

Customer Service

Stay up-to-date on delivery performance, order fulfillment, customer returns or any customer information you need to know.



Track and optimize your production operations to maximize quality, efficiency, and output.



Optimize inventory levels across the value chain while consistently meeting customer needs and expectations.



Track and address quality issues across the entire production lifecycle before they become serious problems.



Gain instant visibility into procurement performance and identify savings and efficiency opportunities.



Maximize warehouse efficiency by tracking key metrics such as perfect order percent, on-time delivery, inventory turns.



Unlock hidden value in your logistics data to optimize cost, response time and delivery performance.



Understand the factors driving revenue, cost, and profitability across products, business units, and locations.



Proactively monitor and keep your engineering and manufacturing processes on track.



Measure and analyze workforce performance to identify challenges and opportunities.