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Bimser Enterprise Asset Management System

It is found out that the reason behind the productivity and quality of the establishment in modern establishments is maintenance management systems. It is not possible to control the quality and productivity of an establishment without controlling the core resources.

Creating a Corporate Maintenance culture is only possible with Maintenance/Asset Management System.
BEAM is the most commonly used Maintenance/Asset Management System primarily for its functionality, reporting and chart variety, and ease of use.

BEAM Asset Management System offers a single point of control by managing all kinds of assets (machinery, equipment, plant, building, vehicle, etc.) on a common platform.

Avoid unexpected costs in your business activities

BEAM allows you access and manage various data such as recording unplanned maintenance operations, maintenance time, workmanship time, downtime, material cost, workmanship cost, service cost, total maintenance cost, amount of spare parts/material use, breakdown maintenance work definitions, breakdown maintenance instructions, maintenance risk definitions throughout the occupational safety process and taking preventive measures in the shortest time possible.

Monitoring the performance of the maintenance team for given period of time by recording the real working times in all performed works, creating work schedules, and improving productivity by taking the necessary measures wherever considered to be insufficient.

Plan your activities for permanent solution to your temporarily fixed failures

Warns you about possible bottlenecks and minimizes the costs related to keeping the required materials in stock by identifying the materials, workforce, and equipment needed for preventive maintenances. Calculates the cost of maintenances in foreign currency based on the preventive and breakdown work orders. Opens automated work orders by integrating with predictive maintenance systems. The process is monitored by automatically notifying the opened work orders and maintenance time to the related personnel.

Manage all serviced assets from a single source, and achieve competitive advantage

Offering a solution intended for satisfying the request and service needs of plants in order to meet their requirements, BEAM software system is developed to meet the needs of managers who requires to control the operations by highly performing on such criteria.

BEAM meets the Six Sigma process requirements of service and technical maintenance.

Achieve service quality and customer satisfaction with a successful service activity

Monitoring equipment status in 3 steps via RFID or QR code

Think about tomorrow not just today, easily monitor your inventories

With Material Management you can specify the order quantity of the materials, perform transfer, entry-exit and return operations of the materials, and check the quantity and contents with physical inventory. BEAM gives you the opportunity to create automated orders with minimum, maximum and safe stock level control by offering planning options which ensure restocking of declining inventories with automatic ordering.

Catch the advantage of purchasing in asset management

Developed by using WEB Technology, “BEAM Purchasing Management System” Application can be used by a single user, and expanded to a system for tens of users.

Manage your maintenance processes based on the workloads, skills, and shifts of your resources

Personnel Management Module allows for better determination of work priorities, optimal level of resource utilization, personnel performance monitoring, determining the work types the personnel is capable of performing, identification of technical personnel training needs, personnel capabilities monitoring, shorter maintenance downtimes and efficient work planning.

Easily define and improve your workflow and approval processes

Perform unlimited user-defined work order approval process management. Manage planned and unplanned maintenance activities from work request to completion and closing of work orders.

BEAM Workflow Management allows for managing all kinds of aspects related to your assets from procurement, installation, and commissioning of your assets to all kinds of maintenance and repairs, spare parts and revisions.

Flexible workflow system automatically initiates the required procedures in the purchasing and maintenance departments, and provides information and submits routing approval requests to relevant departments. While flexible analysis capability looks for the most suitable personnel for any work as part of resource performance monitoring, it is ensured by sorting based on the relevant type of work, department and competencies that the resource best matching the work order is utilized, thus minimizing and standardizing the time to troubleshoot is supported.

Set your route with BEAM to achieve energy savings

You can monitor the energy generated or consumed by your company on power center and power board basis, plan the consumption and generation targets, and analyze the actualization rates using the Energy Management Module.

The module offers TEP (Ton Petroleum Equivalent) value conversion reports to assist you in deciding which types of power consumption utilized in your company is better.