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eBA Contract Manager



"It is time to manage your contracts digitally"

eBA:Contract Manage is an app to help you manage your contracts. It's a proven solution with an agile and lean approach. And because its underlying engine is eBA, a world class enterprise content management platform with a powerful workflow engine, document/record management system and capture and dashboard capabilities.

Businesses that produce and interact with a high volume of contracts related to sales, intellectual property negotiations, leases, and vendor relations will find eBA:Contract Manager an invaluable tool. 




BENEFITS of eBA:Contract Manager

Security / Compliance:

Contracts often contain sensitive proprietary information and should be protected at all costs. eBA:Contract Manager protects all your sensitive data with end-to-end encryption, unauthorized access and edits with its Role-based security.

Organization / Productivity:

Move all of your contracts out of cumbersome filing cabinets and into a central, digital repository. eBa:Contract Manager becomes your corporate memory by digitally storing your contracts on-premise or in the cloud for easy retrieval. 


eBA:Contract Manager was built with the intention that it can be its own stand-alone product or a module of a larger solution such as ERPs, CRMs and PLCs systems.


Because eBA:Contract Manager was built on top of eBA, the system can grow as your organization grows.

Tracking / Traceability:

eBA:Contract Manager notifications and tracking features will keep your entire team up to date on a contract’s movement toward approval. This includes sent/received notifications, as well as updates pertaining to edits, revisions, or negotiations.


eBA:Contract Manager includes reporting and analytic dashboards that will help identify slow steps in your contract signing process, as well as improve your speed and compliance.  eBA:Contract Manager reporting helps you to understand where your processes break down and to better predict and model best practices along the entire contract lifecycle.