Our Services

Consulting & Implementation

Let’s face it, the best solution implemented without proper consultation and planning is doomed to failure.

We here at IDT believe that initial consultations and planning are the foundation for any implementation.

Data Migration

Let’s face it, migrating data from one source to another can be tricky and can become costly if not done properly.

We at IDT always provide a thorough analysis of what data should or should not be migrated in an effort to have a smooth and in budget transition.

Configuration & Customization

The best customization is to avoid any customization at all.

Well, that is easier said than done. We all have different businesses and needs and no one software design can serve us all.

We at IDT think that configurations should be the first approach before any customization thus preserving the integrity of the original software.


The process of bringing together disparate systems to share and work as one creating new functionalities and greater flexibilities is what integration is all about.

We at IDT champion integration as one of our greatest specialties in dealing with our offered solutions.

Custom Development & Reports

Sometimes a solution or a need is nowhere to be found. That’s when our solution developers at IDT would craft new functionalities or applications to enhance our client’s business needs.

Training & Support

Understanding how to use software in regard to your business process is fundamental to your success. We at IDT specialize in training and supporting any solution we offer, and it is the pillar of our organization.