Sage 50

Powerful accounting for small business

Sage 50 is one of the leading names in small business accounting software. With over 40 years of experience, built to simplify complex accounting tasks no doubt it is trusted by over 2 million small businesses as their go-to business management software.

Sage 50 is a desktop accounting software with cloud-connected capabilities. That means you no longer are tied to your desk. This cloud-connected capability gives you the freedom and flexibility to collaborate when you want and where you want securely.

Features at a Glance

Control cash flow and invoicing

Sage 50 helps manage and analyze your cash flow. Easily view where revenue and expenses are coming from, and use projections to anticipate future cash flow. The Cash Flow Manager gives an instant snapshot of cash accounts, cash expected to come in, and cash expected to go out.

  • Customize views by date range or transaction type like invoices, quotes, and purchases.

  • Save time by sending invoices to multiple customers at once and setting up recurring invoices.

  • Get paid faster with the online "Pay Now" invoice feature for instant payments.

Automate purchase orders, invoicing, payments, and account reconciliation with the accounts payable and banking capabilities of Sage 50. Plus, it’s fully integrated with inventory management, so you can eliminate manual entry.

  • Integrate feeds from bank institutions seamlessly with the Account Reconciliation module.

  • Matched transactions get auto-cleared in Account Reconciliation.

Get greater insight into all your jobs and projects and know what you are spending and where. View how long your jobs and projects are taking to complete, and estimate how much money you're making on each job.

  • Easily set up job records, phases, and cost codes.

  • Track job costs through purchasing, inventory adjustment, payroll, and more.

  • View job completion time and net revenues for each job.

  • Quickly identify if a job is over budget and control costs prior to job completion.

  Know what's in stock and what's on order. Sage 50 computes and tracks costs and quantities on a daily basis, based on the transaction date and item class. View quantities on hand and stay on top of purchase orders.

  • Customize units of measure and create inventory with item assembly.

  • Create and track serialized inventory items with multiple reports.

  • Multiple costing methods supported, including FIFO, Average, and Specific Unit.

Enjoy the freedom of the cloud


  • Work remotely with cloud-connected flexibility 
  • Get remote access to your business data 

  • Collaborate with your accountant easily and give them ability to self-serve


Sage 50 gives you over 150 reports including specialized reports for construction, manufacturing, distribution, and more. Get the data you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Access one-click reports on payables, receivables, sales taxes, expenses, profits, inventory, payroll, and jobs.

  • Customize new reports, search text, and drill down to transactions.

  • Apply filters for customized views.

  • Use report groups to group and generate reports in batches.

Ready to make Sage 50 a part of your business?